Meet Benjamin

Born in Martinique F.W.I., studied in Jamaica, now living in the UK, Benjamin is creative force to reckon with, and this can be seen in his passion for photography, video production, and a sense of style that oozes that "je ne sais quoi". He is also big on family and is considered the best Uncle by nieces and nephews..."Tonton Benji". We're glad to have Uncle Benjamin on board as one of the Boulevard Boyz!

What/who is your daily style inspiration?

I spend part of my time checking on Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration, but i tend to naturally put combos together and dare to be different, even if its a little orthodox.

In the mornings, which item of clothing do you start with to build the outfit of the day?

I usually pick my trousers first.

List three things most people would not know about you.

  1. I can be a workaholic
  2. I am a perfectionist; and
  3. I don't like British tea.

Plaid, polka dots or stripes?

I used to think that i had to choose, but i can safely say "all of the above". Being different as allowed to choose, or mix and match either. That's the beauty of styling.

We all have that suit/jacket/pants/shirt/tie color combination that never fails...whats your go to color combination?

After reflection i'll have to say black suit, white shirt, with that I can accessories with any combo.

In an attempt to find you if you went missing, how would your spouse describe your style in 3 words?

I think the future Mrs. Beloni will say, sharp, colorful and sexy!

Do you dress well for you or is it a lasting impression that you want to make on those around you?

Dressing well is who I am. I’ve always been like that to be honest, even if i wasn't always right in my combos.

Here is your chance to pen a profound style quote...lets hear it!

"Why let fashion define you, dare to be different and define it yourself."

Meet Benjamin