Meet Dale

Life of the party, father of one son, husband to one wife and friend of thousands. Meet Sefton Dale Brown Jr. founder and leader of the Gospel Group "Dale Brown & Truth". Music is his life and singing about God's goodness is his passion. Oh we hear, he's working on a clothing line...stay tuned!

What/who is your daily style inspiration?

Use to be my pops, now it's my instincts.

In the mornings, which item of clothing do you start with to build the outfit of the day?

Anything I see first...I love the challenge of making it work.

List three things most people would not know about you.

  1. I love to draw;
  2. I cook a mean stew chicken; and
  3. I talk Alot, but i listen just as much.

 Plaid, polka dots or stripes?

I love me some polka dots!


We all have that suit/jacket/pants/shirt/tie colour combination that never fails...whats your go to colour combination?

You can't go wrong with the classic black and white...its a timeless look!

In an attempt to find you if you went missing, how would your spouse describe your style in 3 words?

Classy, edgy and colorful

Its the first date, you want to look effortlessly put together; what's the outfit?

Depending on where we go... dark blue denim, button up, no show socks, loafers

Do you dress well for you or is it a lasting impression that you want to make on those around you?

Both, but to be honest, its more so for me though.

Here is your chance to pen a profound style quote...lets hear it!

Your style starts in your mind... wear what you would want to have represent you.

Meet Dale