Confidence Is Your Superhero Uniform

Con • fi • dence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. Powerful eh!

You might be thinking “what does confidence have to with clothing?” I once read an article that described one’s garments as an “armour”. As you know armor is designed to shield and protect the wearer from elements that might cause damage. In this case our clothes, whether it’s a 3-piece bespoke suit, a nice blazer, a crisp white shirt, your fav double strap monk shoes, a perfectly fluffed pocket-square, or a bow-tie that makes you stand out of a crowd of hundreds, our clothes can be our first line of defense. Super-Man has his cape, Captain America has his shield, and my favorite - Iron Man has his “SUIT”…it’s what they use as their identifying mark, it’s what they use to remind themselves they aren’t like everybody else.

We can apply that thinking to the way way we dress each day. When you go for an interview, or that meeting with execs on the top floor, or meet with a client to close a deal, it’s not the handshake, it’s not the paper your resume is printed on, it’s not the fact you showed up early, or the fact you may know all the data…it’s that first impression you leave when you get that head-to-toe look – your armor outfit is your first line of defense. Develop your style, step boldly, let your confidence do the talking and watch doors get flung wide open for you.

Happy Suiting Up!


Confidence Is Your Superhero Uniform