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Lapel Pins are IN!

  • By vaughn beckford

Lapel Pins are IN!

According to the modern times, the common concept of man needing no more than a watch and a ring in terms of accessory is highly unacceptable. While women have their arsenal of ornaments that they drape themselves with, including but not limited to brooches, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings and what not, the thought of men wearing jewelry brings to mind horrifying images of bare-chested men lounging around dangling large gold chains. And that my friend’s is a picture best left out of our thoughts, forever!

Now, let’s talk a little about men and they’re accessories. With the fashion trends leaning more and more towards the classic 50’s looks, men’s accessories are taking the front row again. Much like the pocket square and tie-clips, lapel pins have made quite the comeback. And I say it’s about damn time!

A personal favorite of mine, subtle and simple, I love wearing a good Lapel pin. There is absolutely nothing fussy about one and what’s more, this little accessory adds just the right personal touch to one’s over all look. Put together and classic, the confidence you have in yourself and your choice of fashion is exuded perfectly when you wear a lapel pin, making you stand out just the way you want to, in a crowd.
Lapel pins can be as extravagant or as muted as you like. If you’re feeling particularly daring you can go for one of the bolder, more obvious choices available at our store, if not, you can even settle for the little show of patriotism with a little flag. There is hardly a wrong way to wear a lapel pin; they can be worn with jackets, suits, blazers. Whatever the case, adding a lapel pin to your attire will definitely bump your look up a few fashion notches, and that is never a bad thing! Here are some tips for individualizing you ensemble with the use of Lapel Pins.

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