What is "good style"?

Before I proceed with sharing my thoughts on the title of this blog post, I will state that I am not a men’s wear ‘expert’. I just happen to wear a lot of clothes and have some experience doing it. That said, one of the most difficult questions I’m asked from time to time...  ‘is this style good?’ When I first started men’s wear blogging I’d answer almost immediately with my opinion. Today I pause before I respond and then almost always decide to pass on the question. My reason for doing that is quite simple… style is personal!

In men’s fashion the ‘experts’ of the world tell us what is good vs what is bad (i.e. GQ, Esquire, etc.).  Sure there are things you should and shouldn’t do. However, regarding style, that's a totally different story. To put things into perspective, here’s a definition of style from freedictionary.com

          The way in which something is said, done, expressed, or performed’

The key word in this definition is expression, which is an act of conveying a message. So as it relates to your choice of attire, you are conveying a message about YOU. So if you like a particular shirt, a pair of shoes or whatever it is...does it reflect YOUR message? That is what style is all about.

Back to the question of "is this style good"; if I respond, I’m not truly allowing the person asking the question to determine that for themselves. Instead I'd be influencing them to make that determination based on my opinion. Over the course of the last year or so I’ve learned that its best I keep those opinions to myself. In doing so I’m hoping to inspire others to identify and create their own path/style rather than creating another mini-me and having numerous ‘runnineverlong’ copies.   

So ask yourself this question...when you are considering what to purchase or what to wear…does it reflect YOU? If the answer is YES then wear it. If it does not then DON’T! Do not get bogged down with anyone else’s opinion but your own.  Be yourself and be happy with that. Don’t try to impress or do what others say. In my past I was so concerned about being like everyone else and trying to fit in…but it still didn’t reflect me. It wasn’t until I stepped out of that box and chartered my one path. If you do the same, I guarantee you'll certainly know the answer to the question ‘Is this style good?'

Happy Styling

 Matt Hartman - @runnineverlong

What is "good style"?