A Wardrobe Necessity: The White Shirt

A few choice pieces, carefully picked can either make or break a man’s style – a fact that every man should know. As it is, a classy, minimalist man knows exactly the staples of a truly standout closet, and he makes sure that they’re in excellent condition. After all, who wants a closet full of drab clothes, even if they are a must have item – but that’s a conversation for another day.

Today, we’d like to talk about one particular piece of clothing that absolutely must be present in your wardrobe. Though we’re 98% sure you own it already, one can never place too much emphasis on this specific item, which is, the Classic White Shirt.
That’s right! We’re talking about your run of the mill, white shirt.Why is it so important, you ask? Allow us to explain. A white shirt is and has been the epitome of men’s fashion for decades, centuries even, and there are reasons for its popularity. Let’s count some of them, shall we?

Reason No. 1
A white shirt is perhaps the most versatile clothing item (besides denim jeans) that anyone could possibly own. It’s a color that’s been and will forever remain a fashion amenity.

Reason No. 2
Not only does a white shirt never go out of style, but there also isn’t a single occasion/event on this planet for which it may be deemed inappropriate. Formal, black-tie events, you got it. Semi-formal get-together, not a problem. Completely casual, stroll in the parks, absolutely! From weddings to corporate events to funerals, a white shirt will look good, no matter what!

Reason No. 3
A white shirt does justice to just about every color combination imaginable. Pair it with the right men's accessories and you’ll take your white shirt style up a couple of notches. Add a matching tie and a pocket square, along with a stylish yet understated lapel pin, and you have on your hands a suave look that will put even James Bond to shame.

With reasons like that, who wouldn’t want to own a white shirt? However, there are a few stipulations to emulating the debonair attractiveness of an elite undercover agent. You have to adhere to them if you want even a shot at achieving that level of wardrobe greatness. Here’s what you need to remember:

  • You cannot, under any circumstances wear an ill-fitting white shirt. The cut, silhouette, and fit are absolutely crucial to the success of white shirt. Single barrel cuffs, perfectly fitting shoulder and neck, reasonably short shirttails, tucked in fabric at the waist; all these are essential for the right fit. When you find one that meets your approval, consider investing in a few of those, instead of the single one as they tend to be a rare find.
  • The white shirt is always made of fabric that will look good on its own and when paired with a suit. The fabric shouldn’t lose its shape and be resistant to the regular laundry wear and tear. 
  • Your white shirt, as well as all others, should always be impeccably clean. No yellow underarm stains or dirty collars, it should be freshly washed and recently ironed. Consider replacing the shirt as soon as it starts looking a little dull.



We sincerely hope after reading through those reasons why the white shirt is the ultimate menswear wardrobe staple, you’ll jump right on the bandwagon. If not, what are you thinking?! This isn’t a trendy item floating the racks only to be outdated in a few months. The solid white shirt is a long term investment for a classy, put-together fashion style. It’s the blank canvas of opportunity – don’t let it pass you by.

Happy Dressing

A Wardrobe Necessity: The White Shirt