Its Layering Season...Don't Forget Your Tie

In the men's fashion world, it’s safe to say with some level of authority that most if not all men identify with one of two groups of guys. There are the guys who love the Summer months when all that is required is a simple t-shirt and shorts combo, and then there are those guys who get super excited when they hear the L-word… LAYERING.

Layering is basically combining several pieces of clothing so that it functions in a great way; looking dapper and full of style while layering is an added bonus. You should know that layering is stylish as much as it is practical. As a child your mom would layer you up from head to toe, with the number one goal being to keep you warm no matter how ridiculous you look. Fast forward into manhood, you still might have dreaded memories of wearing 15 pieces of clothing and dreadfully sweating, but now you can take control of your own climate control strategies and look stunningly good.


There are several pieces that we can use to layer, shirts, sweaters, vests, scarves, jackets, coats, etc. Those are usual culprits when talking about layers. I am pretty sure your Autumn and Winter pieces mostly consists of tones of grays, navys and browns which allows you to mix and match without worrying if the outfit works as a whole. But amidst all of those essential pieces, adding accessories will allow you to push the boundaries to add a pop of color, help you mix in some really cool patterns and add some extra textures. So often men's ties are forgotten when talking about layering. Men's ties aren’t seasonal, in-fact, they can play a crucial part in your outfit. Consider the tie, the forgotten accessory during layering season. Ties provide that pop of color you so often desire in the gloomy wintry months, that one piece that serves as your statement piece when you have to remove other layers when indoor. Trust me…the right necktie will do the trick! Don't worry, there's no shame if you don't know how to tie a tie.


As its only October and not quite Winter, you’re probably transitioning into things with a cardigan or sweater. Here's a great read to help you transition in style. Those are great starter pieces and will eventually serve as a single layer when it gets colder. Cardigans are can dress them up and also be casual with them. Check out this link on the best layering cardigans. Adding a tie to the mix whether its with chinos, dress pants or even your fav pair of denim will definitely elevate your look. Not just any tie though; you gotta try Ocean Boulevard's uniquely designed ties. You'll find a style or two that suits you, from paisley, stripes, polka dots, floral, and a few vintage styles with a modern twist. 

Remember, when layering this season, don't forget your tie! Check out our twin fabric Bel-Aire silk tie below being worn by Ivan Martinez. You'll find it and other ties we guarantee you'll like.


Its Layering Season...Don't Forget Your Tie