Less is more – The Aesthetics of a Man’s Minimalistic Style.

By creating new tides and trends, the fashion world has continually compounded the ‘spend and keep on spending’ policy where the newest and brightest of pieces are paraded in front of the seeker’s eyes to a point where no other choice remains but to buy. And then, a few months down the line comes another season, another collection – and it all begins again.

For the economically frugal, the emergence of the latest fashion aesthetic was like a godsend. The bare, minimalist style made waves in the market and stripped away the kaleidoscope of prints and colors, leaving behind an elegantly stark, timeless look.

Devoid of frippery and frump and extraneous embellishments, the minimalist men’s style, highlights the sense of self instead of the artificial bling of overzealous adornments – which is perhaps the precise reason why it’s a look so widely appreciated. Muted colors and strict sharp silhouettes accompanied by architectural lines are all the rage. Not to mention, highly durable and completely versatile.

Less is more - a seamless mix of practicality with fashion-ability is the minimalist man’s mantra. Neutral palettes and clean cuts with lasting quality are the key to simple yet stylish aesthetic. The best part? Minimalist looks are completely flexible. A mix of a few necessary pieces can give you a varied formal, casual as well as evening looks.

Here’s a guide to picking your essentials for a minimalist yet classy ensemble:


There are three main types of shirts that are an absolute wardrobe essential for any modern minimalist man. They are dress shirts, Oxford Cloth button downs, and Polo shirts. White and blue dress shirts are enough for all your basic formal dressing needs. Highly versatile, they work well as office attire as evening wear. Oxford Cloth button downs though are slightly less formal than their fancier counterparts. They are great for everyday wear as well as weekend shirts. Pastels or light block colors are good choices to add a little diversity in your closet. Once you have the solids down pat, branch out to stripes or Gingham patterns to break the monotony.

Though V or crew neck t-shirts will always remain a go-to casual option for men as short sleeve summer staples, polo shirts offer a little more complexity to your style. That said, regardless of the cut and style of shirt you choose to wear, it is highly essential that the fitting is right. Baggy, or tight shirts are an absolute no-go.


The one great thing about owning a minimalist wardrobe is that one doesn’t need to own scores of clothing items to keep things interesting. A few choice selections of versatile pieces does an equally good job. For pants, a good dark wash denim jeans are completely necessary. Slim fit, straight cut and un-distressed is what you’re looking for. Dress them up with a button down and a sports jacket or be low key with a polo shirt, either way they look fantastic. Moving up in trouser formality a couple chinos are a good investment. the Grey, Khaki or Cream color palette can do no wrong.


One perfectly fitting bespoke 2 or 3 piece suit is a must have in a man’s wardrobe, so don’t even think about skimping on this one. A custom-made, well-fitting suit can seriously up your wardrobe game without making you look overly dressed. You’ll get your return on investment when you’re able to utilize it for a multitude of occasions ranging from job interviews to funerals and everything in between. Colors such as Charcoal Gray, Navy or the Classic Black are the only color options you should consider.


Consider investing in a good quality, versatile blazer for an immediate style upgrade. Blazers work well with virtually any dress style, instantly kicking up your look a notch or two. Navy’s a good color to start with. For jackets, a lightweight excellent quality leather jacket does the trick. They’re fantastic for a lighter, summer night’s look. Moving onto coats. While Peacoats and long top coats both are minimalist wardrobe must-haves, if you have to choose between or the other, we’d suggest you go for a Long topcoat.

Unassuming and unadorned, a long overcoat or topcoat will provide the finishing touches to your style and keep you warm.


The right clothing pieces aren’t the only things that require utmost attention during a wardrobe overhaul. A minimalist closet is never complete without a collection of the right set of men's accessories and shoes. Shoe-wise, consider Oxfords for the formal touch and choose a lace-up for a more everyday look.

In keeping with the minimalist theme, you don' t want to over-do it, so you may opt to dress up your look with either the right tie, or a pocket square for oomph and sophistication or decorate your jacket lapel with a unique pin. Add in a bold statement wristwatch and see your minimalist style transform in an effortlessly refined version of itself.


Happy Minimizing!

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