The Matt Hartman Collection | Knitted Ties

The fact that I’m writing this is very surreal on so many levels but today I’m excited to announce the exclusive knit tie collection in collaboration with Ocean Boulevard.  Just 3 years ago I didn’t even own a suit that fit me let alone had ties that weren’t purchased for a high school dance…or even worse borrowed from my dad.  But a lot has changed since then and I’m overwhelmed by the response of my journey.  I do feel like my journey has just begun and I’m honored to have this opportunity.

So I’d like to share a little bit about this knit tie collection.  When I first started learning about men’s fashion I went to social media to get ideas.  Honestly I no idea what to do or where to even begin….and this is where I got inspired.

Each one of these 6 ties is named after those influencers that inspired me to find my style. I felt it was appropriate that I name the ties after them because without them I have no idea if I’d even be doing this.  

Here is the collection:

DC (@thedressedchest) – The main inspiration for my style started with Rainier.  He also was the first person I saw wearing knit ties.  Immediately when I saw a knit tie on his post I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about them.  It wasn’t too long afterwards I bought one and have never stopped.  I had the honor to meet him this summer and thank him in person for platform he created for a guy like me.  If you don’t follow him already check out his color combinations…they always exceptional.

Woody (@thekingwoods) – If you didn’t notice it by now…I love wearing different colors.  One of my main sources of bold color choices is Sherwood.  He isn’t active as much these days but I find that whenever I’m in a rut on deciding what colors to mix his feed is my go to.  This tie is a reflection of our enjoyment of colorful combinations.

Sergio (@whatmyboyfriendwore) – When I first started looking for ideas I ran into Sergio’s account and was amazed by the quality of his photos.  Not only are the photos great but the style was amazing.  As I dive into lifestyle photos I hope one day I’ll be able to do something similar.  This royal purple tie is a reflection of class that Sergio does regularly.

Graber (@matthewgraber) – I first started flatlay’s due to Matthew.  What I learned quickly was it is not as easy as it looks.  To this day I amazed with his work.  This classic navy tie can be worn anywhere and I find Matthew’s outfits to have that same mindset.  

Gasket (@gasketraynes) – The main source of my blazer inspiration has come from Christian.  I’m amazed by the patterns and styles he chooses.  If I ever need inspiration on pattern mixing Christian is the guy.  This maroon and cream tie fits perfectly with his massive closet of blazers.  

De La Rosa (@thedapperjuan) – As you can tell by now I have an attachment to gents who post chest shots.  Juan is another example of that.  So why is that?  Well the answer is simple…details.  Accessories are the staple to my looks and the best way to show them off is through these types of photos.  Juan was the first person to introduce me to earth tones and since then I’ve never stopped.    

Since this collection is made up of only 6 ties, I was not able to identify other bloggers who have inspired me and I’d like to call them out here.  (Please forgive me if I miss any names)  

@gioserna_, @meeeotch, @theamateurprofessional, @levitatestyle, @suited_man,, @mitchyasui, @everydaydrew and @trav_white ….and many many others. Thank you for your inspiration!  I hope that I too will be able inspire someone else out there.  

I hope you enjoy the collection like I do.  

Matt (@runnineverlong)

The Matt Hartman Collection | Knitted Ties