New Year New You

With the advent of a new year we all take a step back and re-evaluate ourselves, all that has happened in the past year pondering over our highs and lows, hoping that this year will be less of hassle and more of an adventure and succes, starting afresh and striving for better to gain a new perspective on life. January is almost done, and like most, you’ve probably already broken a few of your new year’s resolutions…don’t worry it happens. When it comes to re-evaluations we typically start off with the physical; we feel the need to assess and criticize every little detail. But before we jump into that, lets just take a deep breath, relax and endeavor to love ourselves more and strive be the best version of ourselves, whether it be it for fashion or life in general. Here are few tips to get you feeling better about yourself for 2017:

Get Moving!
You may be one of those persons who are sad because they are carrying their holiday weight into the New Year, but its not the end of the world! If you really want to see improvement and get back on the horse and take that first step! You can join a gym, as-a-matter-of-fact, you can buy some used equipment and build your own gym. Go out for a run or walk, take the stairs instead of an elevator, if its warm out, bike to work instead of taking a bus or subway...just keep your body moving!


Manipulate your style decisions around the age bracket!
Age is just a number; however, it’s essential for man to be able to know what to wear and what not to wear. Try to find your niche in terms of what looks good on you and what you should avoid. Be it style, colors or fit; you either score big or you'll loose just as the game big. Dress to impress! Have an impact on those you interact with and make your presence unavoidable. We believe style isn't restricted by age, but it doesn't give you license to dress as you please. Be open to new trends and welcome the opportunity to try different styles as you age. And last but very important, don’t be afraid to completely switch styles as you gracefully transition through the years.

No to be scratched record, but less is more!
Before diving head first into another shopping spree and coming out with your cards maxed out, think about the essentials, the pieces that you can investment in to maximize the life span of each without breaking the bank. It’s critical to have a good pair of jeans, dress pants and chinos; maybe a blue or something neutral that will get you through all four seasons. Shirts are just as important. Invest in good styles that fit. A good collection of shirts along with the other essential pieces will help you to look sharp any occasion.

This year try on a watch or glasses, leather wrist bands, etc. Little tidbits of men's accessories like a cool affordable tie or bow-tie, a pocket square, a lapel pin and the right belt can make a million dollar difference in your appearance if properly accessorized. Accessories can also add a pop of color to your neutrally colored ensemble completely elevating your whole look. Tastefully working in accessories into your daily attire will create your own style statement and enhance the chance of showing your personality outwardly.


Find a tailor that suits you (pun intended)
Suits are expensive and so is their stitching. If a suit is ruined it can cost you buck loads of money. A suit is a timeless piece of clothing, that works for so many occasions from interview to funeral to a wedding to a class reunion. We urge you to save up and invest in a tailor that can fit you into the right suit. Style is all about the fit; it is about other things too but mostly the fit! So make sure you have a savvy tailor that knows how to keep your trousers shirt/jacket and chinos tailored to your body for that amazing timeless look and feel.


Master the art of Juxtaposition!
Separating casuals and formals was once the norm, but now, trends dictate that you can mix both allowing you to make a bold yet acceptable statement. It’s always fresh to see the marriage of a formal and casual element combined to create one awesome look. Picture yourself in your new fitted jeans, with a tailored blue blazer, a pair or monk strap shoes and a mahogany leather cross-bag. Isn’t that sight worth a double-take?

Manage that wardrobe like a Boss!
One major way to screw up a fashion-fix, is not having a synchronized wardrobe. It’s what sets the basis of how well one can style themselves every day. If you can’t connect the jigsaw pieces and deciphering which shirt should be paired with a particular pair of pants, without making a mess of all your clothes, then chances are your look will be as chaotic as the pile of clothes on the floor. Better to have your clothes sorted and within reach; 2017 will probably go a little easier if you're organized. And remember being organized doesn't have to be an expensive closet renovation!

Remember Rome wasn't built in a day, so don't get overwhelmed with trying to get everything right all at once. Fortunately, the year has 12 months so pace yourself and start the journey to better, classier, more stylish you for 2017.

Happy Styling 2017!

New Year New You