My Pants Are an Inch Shorter Than Yours for a Reason

We’ve lived in a world where men’s fashion has evolved that much slower than women’s fashions. Menswear was not as popular as it is today nor were there as many options. Men would live by the rules set forth centuries ago without really questioning or changing much of anything. One such rule was the ‘match your sock to the color of your pants rule’. Wearing socks was a practical decision which had very little to do with fashion or looking good. Thankfully that's no longer the case.

The fashion forward man that likes to keep up with the changing trends will not only wear a patterned pair of socks, he will do so with aplomb and grace.

No longer are socks a part of the practical wardrobe, they are a way to separate the fashion conscious from the outmoded. A man’s professional and romantic achievements may often depend solely on a pair of socks... YES they’re that important. That said, one cannot just pick up any pair of badly colored, ill-fitting sock and call it a fashion statement. As with everything else, there are guidelines to adhere to in order to make the right choice. Here are few to keep you in check.

Sock Guidelines:

  1. Contrast your socks with your outfit as long as the contrast appears deliberate; be considerate, because when those pants roll up, your entire persona could come crashing down;
  2. White socks are strictly for the gym, so let’s keep it that way;
  3. The easiest option for a statement sock is to go tonal with your sock choice. Basically whatever color pants you wear, match it with a pair of socks a shade or two lighter or darker for a statement look.
  4. Color-blocked socks work amazingly well when paired with a stripped or a solid color suit. So be bold with your choices. Socks have significantly limited visibility, so let that unexpected peak create that element of surprise; almost like a hidden secret up your sleeve, or in this case, pant leg.
  5. Patterned, stripped, or novelty socks add just the right touch quirkiness that accentuates the uniqueness of your personality for the world to see. Let your socks convey one thing and one thing only: You're a fashion force to be reckoned with; and
  6. Match your sock length and texture with the level of dressy-ness as the rest of your ensemble. Just like torn, worn or stained socks are a big NO, so are ankle socks with a well-tailored formal suit.

Pick your socks like you’d pick your tie’s, pocket squares, or lapel pins...with consideration and thought.

Happy high-stepping in your "short" pants.


My Pants Are an Inch Shorter Than Yours for a Reason