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The perfect fashion accessory that offers EVERY woman absolute versatility.

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A Word From Julise Ann

Hey beautiful, I am so excited you chose this scarf! I know you'll look absolutely stunning in whichever way you decide to style it.

Remember to always live your truth, spread your love, and treat yourself to the luxuries that you deserve!

Live. Love. Luxe.
Love always,
Julise Ann Beckford

Oh You So Fancy!

Scarves are no longer limited to keeping that hairstyle intact. Now you can mix it up by adding a scarf to that sexy dress and pair of heels you love so much. Embelish while maintaining your sophistication.

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Make A Statement

Whether its a simple top, a super cute leather or denim jacket, fitted trousers or skirts, and beautiful dresses, a scarf is the perfect accessory for day or night out with girls or brunch with your fave person.

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Casually Chic

Whether you like to wear jeans and a T-shirt or a skirt, shirt, and sneakers, throw on scarf and your look will be totally transformed and elevated.

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Liseann Luxe Wrist Scarves

Modesty is key but every now and then the ocassion warrants you making a statement. Our two-sided wrist scarf, paired with our gold scarf ring is the added flair you never knew you needed until now.

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