A Style Refresher for the Man of Today

As progressive as today’s fashion is, it’s a shame that the male population of this generation is mainly divided between the sloppy gamer look and the preppy frat boy style.

The minority that does in fact make an effort to dress with care, or pays close attention to their look is either ridiculed or labeled full of themselves. Its such a shame though when you see men almost obsessed with their physique, yet when it comes to their dressing sense, they assume a don't-care attitude.

When did hiding behind unsightly clothing and rugged looks, just to melt into the crowd, unnoticed, become acceptable? That’s right...it’s not!

For those who may have lost their way a little, here are few tips to keep in mind as you embark on your style refresh:

1. Take Pride!
A self-assured man takes pride in his polished look and attire. He is confident and steadfast in his knowledge about what looks good and what doesn’t.

"The man of today realizes that his clothes and accessories don’t give meaning to his life values and morals, but rather it is him and his personality that gives value to what he wears."

There is a balance that the man of today must strive to accomplish. A balance between caring about what he wears, but not obsessing over other people’s opinion about his state of dress. If you have to fixate on something, fixate on deciding who you are, what you represent, and allow that to reflect in your daily dressing.

2. Know your Stuff!

Educate yourself on the style you’d like to carry. Experiment and discover what ultimately works and what doesn’t. Understand and know yourself as well as the style you’d like to adopt or develop; including your physique, your personal sense of style, and your own preferences. When starting out on this journey, remember DO NOT be timid, ashamed or embarrassed. Explore and experiment, mix and match items, and decide what’s flattering for you and what isn’t. Take the time to reeeally get to know your body and distinguish between the area’s you want to take attention away from as well as those you wish to highlight.
Learn to embrace your style. Consider longevity over temporary fashion trends. Choose classy and lasting over the fleeting and the flashy. Realize that timeless and versatile pieces are what you want in your wardrobe instead of the momentarily ostentatious. Invest in quality over quantity, give close attention to details and always choose form fitting over baggy or too tight any day no matter what!
3. Elevate the Status Quo!
Leave the doubts at the door and bid them good-bye. Accept the changes you’ve made to yourself and appreciate them. Most of all though, hold your head high. Feel good about your accomplishments. Take pride in your fashion achievements. Do your thing and do it with confidence.




Happy Refreshing

A Style Refresher for the Man of Today