Ain’t no Shame Digging Through The Clearance Rack!

You're at the mall, it’s the middle of the month and you are carefully managing your money, keeping track of everything you've bought and need to buy for yourself and trying not to go overboard. You run through everything, checking off all the stuff you need on that mental checklist and while doing so you "end" up in your favorite clothing store and by chance they’re having a clearance sale! Baffled for a moment, you stand outside thinking about your budget and then you suddenly begin to make room for some clothes on that already exhaustive checklist. You try not to give into the temptation and you ponder " to buy or not buy". And before you know it, your feet (all on their own) march towards the clearance rack. There it is, right in front of you, stocks of clothes, calling out to you, you revise your budget and finally give in to the temptation! Shopping can be heavy on the pocket for anyone and this is news to nobody, we have all experienced “buyer’s sorrow” leaving clothes behind, because most of the times the price tags are light years out of our budgets’ leagues!

I do believe Clearance sales are God sent and they give us guys a window to finally buy that pair of pants or that tie, or those shoes we have been dreaming about. Listen up gents, these sales are nothing to be ashamed of and they should be really taken seriously, they can help you save big bucks that you would otherwise be forced to spend by paying full price. You can learn how to buy all the things you need and make more room for all your outfits and really fill up that empty looking closet of yours. The frugal, and might I say smart guys plan our shopping around these days, since some of these stores follow a pattern of putting sales up; sometimes they vary from season to season, national holidays or even the renowned Black Friday sale. This way you can save up and even mark your favorite outfits so that you can just go in to sweep them off the shelves when the clearance sales break out.

It makes not sense to go shopping once in a blue moon to stock up on shirts, pants, jeans, shoes and accessories, spending big bucks, and then being stuck with wearing those same old clothes for years. Here are a few tips that will make your life easier and help you make better judgment calls to still fill up your wardrobe and keep you in style throughout the year:


You can find things you love when they first hit the racks. However, collections cycle through stores regularly (maybe every 3 months or so), once you find a few brands that fit well, keep an eye out on the sale rack. Brand new items will find their way to the sale rack soon. What is a few weeks or a couple of month’s wait when it saves you big bucks? Moral of the story: don’t go shopping when you’re desperate. Haste makes waste.

Feel no shame in the game

Do not worry when entering a store that has a clearance sale, it Is there for a reason guys...for you to shop! Do not hesitate, frivolously wandering around the ‘new arrivals’ rack, just man up and make your way directly towards the clearance rack. Truth is, everybody is busy shopping for themselves and they're certainly not there to judge you. Keep your eye on the prize and focus on looking for the right pieces.


Whatever you like make sure it fits you.  Go straight to the fitting room; even if the shop is crowded. Would you rather buy something without trying it on and realizing later that it doesn’t fit you only to find out the item is non-refundable, making your money go to complete waste? Be warned... Return policies for super discounted items are very strict. Let's avoid “buyer’s remorse”; try it on in the store, make sure it looks good and fits; otherwise dump it.


Quickly assess the item you’ve picked. Thoroughly look for rips, hitches, irregular sewing etc. You never know if you find a piece with rags or rips, might save you from embarrassing situations later on and might just get you additional discounts on the price for its condition. Just make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.


Some stores collect your contact info so that they can keep you updated on new offers and sales. So if the shoping experience at that store suited you go ahead and sign up...SUBSCRIBE. The emails or texts will keep you in the loop and give you an advantage over other shoppers, plus it saves you time and money!

We hope these tips will assist in liberating you from self-loathingly forcing yourself into buying expensive clothes and avoiding clearance racks. One should always be a little frugal and thrifty, there is no harm in finding good clothes on sale, in fact there are lots of people who loudly and proudly shop at clearance sales because they can shop without breaking the bank. Get out there and rummage through those clearance ranks with your head held high! 

Happy Shopping

Ain’t no Shame Digging Through The Clearance Rack!