Meet Andrew

What/who is your daily style inspiration?

My wife!! Not your typical answer I know, but when I get up and get dressed, my wife is the first, and frankly the only person I want to impress. If she gives me the compliment, or the stroke of the collar or suit jacket, or the sexy eye when I am dressed, I am good for the day!

In the mornings, which item of clothing do you start with to build the outfit of the day?

A nice pair of clean underwear!! (emphasis on clean) After that though, I may start with the blazer.

List three things most people would not know about you.

  1. I used to be an avid skateboarder (can still do an ollie)
  2. I cut a dub plate before
  3. I was born at Wellesley Hospital

How do you want your work to impact those around you?

I don’t know if there is any one word to describe the impact I want my work to have on people around me. I want people to see the need to change their lives, because my life was changed and is changing. I want my work to show God off and not me. Too often we work and play for self-glory and gratification, in fact that is easy to do. I want to work and play to glorify God and however that impacts those around me, so be it.

We all have that suit/jacket/pants/shirt/tie colour combination that never fails...what’s your go-to colour combination?

I have had several of those types of combos over the years. What comes to mind most recently are the purple/pink shirt, khaki corduroy jacket and grey thin striped pants.

In an attempt to find you if you went missing, how would your spouse describe your style in 3 words?

Tall Dark Chocolate….wait what was the question?

Do you dress well for you or is it a lasting impression that you want to make on those around you?

Both. I want to dress in such a way that if I am in a “priority neighborhood” or I am walking in the Bridle Path, I will be addressed with respect and dignity. My clothes help to determine if I am a man trying to live out my boyhood, or if I am a man embracing the stage I am at in life. I will always have class, let them boys have swag!

Here is your chance to pen a profound style quote...let’s hear it!

"It’s not what you wear, or who you wear, but whose wearing it and how they wear it."


Meet Andrew