Meet K-Anthony

If you know Kevin, you know he loves his family, his music and and fashion. We guarantee if you're Kevin's company for even one minute you're guaranteed to remember his outfit for a very long time. He is not afraid to think outside the box and is always a fashion step ahead. Check out his latest songs here. We're so happy to have him as one of the Boulevard Boyz.

In the mornings, which item of clothing do you start with to build the outfit of the day?

The article of clothing I often start with is a sport jacket. With that I can easily add a pair jeans or dress pants with a sweater depending on the weather. Then i choose my accessories based on the vibe I’m feeling.

List three things most people would not know about you.

  1. I was a model in my former life;
  2. I ran track before getting into music; and
  3. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Music and also with an Associate Degree in Mass Communications.

How do you want your work to impact those around you?

My purpose as a gospel/inspirational music artist is to make a difference culturally, morally and emotionally in people's lives. Giving a positive message of hope can make a world of difference in someone’s life. I want people to know that there is 
something more to life, and that we all have a purpose.

Plaid, polka dots or stripes?

I love all three patterns, and when paired with the right accessories like those from Ocean Boulevard, my outfits are always elevated.

We all have that suit/jacket/pants/shirt/tie colour combination that never fails...whats your go to colour combination?

My "go to" color combination would be turquoise. Turquoise is a refreshing colour that gives off an energy while also being calming and sophisticated. Wearing a turquoise dress shirt with a dark blue suit is a great combination.

In an attempt to find you if you went missing, how would your spouse describe your style in 3 words?

Fashionable, stylish and unique

Its the first date, you want to look effortlessly put together; what's the outfit?

For a seemingly effortless yet impressionable look my choices are a blazer decked with some accessories and some dark colored jeans or pants, making sure your footwear is clean of course.

Do you dress well for you or is it a lasting impression that you want to make on those around you?

I dress well first and foremost for myself as dressing well boosts my confidence and can puts me in the right state of mind. I am mindful that style can also shape people’s perception of me, so I always strive to look my best and continue to enjoy new styles and fashion.

Here is your chance to pen a profound style quote...lets hear it!

“Fashion is not a necessity, but rather a passion and an art that comes from within.”


Meet K-Anthony