Chivalry vs. Technology: Bring Back the Love!

So the day of “love” is upon us; brace yourselves gents because once again, as much as we we'd love to be at the receiving end, we need to pay attention to giving. Every year you think of one way or another to make this day special for their loved ones, and the performance anxiety might be getting the best of you to outdo last year's efforts. It may be safe to say its all has been tried and tested, so what can you possible do differently for your significant other to show her how much you love her? In the modern times that we live in, technology has us exposed to so many things that we ourselves become overwhelmed. How about we take a moment to relive the olden days for some inspiration. Enough with the digital love, the emojis, the selfies and cheesy Snapchat filters; what happened to writing long love letters from the heart? What happened to the anticipation of waiting with baited breaths for your lover’s letters? Or writing long and thoughtful love-imbued poems, or standing underneath your girl’s porch like Romeo did for Juliet and calling out to them in the most romantic way, or asking for permission from the girl’s parents for approval as a sign of respect? Has chivalry and classical romantic gestures died a tragic death? Or has technology made everyone just a little too lazy? I mean think about it, there’s a reason why girls get annoyed, frustrated and upset when guys don’t respond to their texts. You gotta put the work in...take Noah (from The Notebook) for example, he wrote Allie 365 letters when she left him. He wrote her a letter each day for a year! (It's ok if you shed a tear in that one has to know)

There was a time when men weren't afraid or ashamed to show public displays of affections to proclaim their love. Let’s look back them and do a throwback on the old fashioned ways to revive the chivalrous acts of love for our ladies and make the day special for both them and us.

After You My Love

Remember the word chivalry? Chivalry involves showing respect and being courteous to your ladies. It is, or rather,  should be  a gentleman’s code of conduct, the way he treats his significant others, whether its his wife, mother, sister, girlfriend. Simple acts like opening doors for the ladies, pulling up a seat for them before you sit, asking them for their preferences and constantly giving them attention are just some ways you can show someone how much she means to you and how much you care about her. The best thing about being chivalrous is that it is free, it won’t hurt you be a little more considerate and it surely won’t hurt your pocket to think of her needs above yours.  

She's Dressing up; So Should You


Its Valentine' day; you should also make a little more effort with the way you look. See, your ladies will always put in effort for you by looking their best; they spend several hours deciding what outfit to wear, showering, and doing their hair and make-up, to give you the sexiest, most beautiful version of themselves. From the right hairdo to having the right dress on, they accessorize and groom completely for you only. The first thing to do is to appreciate the effort and energy and compliment them for it. And secondly you should return the favor by doing the same. It will show them that you care just as much. So for the big day, make the effort to dress up -pair a blazer with some jeans or chinos, a nice shoes, throw in some accessories and make sure smell good!. Keep your look casually-formal so that you can adapt to any environment planned for the day/night

Reservation For 2 Please

You also need to pre-plan your day, book a nice restaurant, or plan a beach trip with a private cabana with a lavish dinner under the open sky on a starry night. Or if that’s too much and you are not big on creating a scene, keep it elegant with the right amount of thoughtfulness and cook her fav meal, buy her fav snack, get her some flowers, get her something that says "I've been thinking about you". Its not hard bro, if you don't know, put on your detective hat (Scroll through Facebook) find out what's her favorite food and what’s her favorite movie; you can make her a home-made dinner. In case you don't know girls are BIG ON FLOWERS, ooh and chocolates! So look good, smell good, get her some of her favs, pay attention, and let everything you do and say remind her you cares; she'll really appreciate the effort and  who knows, you might just lucky.

Do it like your Grand Daddy Did

Although it takes both parties to make it work, us guys have to put out a lot more effort in the relationship, but the truth is we have a responsibility and we have to man up! There's nothing wrong with defying modern culture; yes, women today want to feel like an equal counterpart, but its our duty to love, pamper, adore and care for them. You can start by doing some good-old fashioned chivalrous acts. For those living apart, walk/drive your girl home and make sure she's safe inside, wait at the front door to pick her up rather than texting, “I’m here,”. Women like to be safe and secure, so be her guardian and  walk on the outside of the sidewalk during a romantic stroll. If its cold offer your jacket or coat...she'll thank you later! Notice how many of these things are free? Yes, women are capable of opening their own doors among other tasks. But when we do it, they take notice, and it shows to them that you’re the kind of gentleman who deserves the very best lady they can be. By being chivalrous, you can bring back the true meaning of being a ‘gentleman’. Even in our busy modern lives, there’s always time for a little chivalry. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to help the ladies feel loved and appreciated.

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say!

With your good looks, great style and your out-of-the-box-thinking skill set, a pinch of determination and a whole lotta lovin you too can win her over again and again an again. Make sure each word is said with tenderness, each act is done with genuine thoughtfulness and watch her face beam with joy love and contentment.

Happy Loving!

Chivalry vs. Technology: Bring Back the Love!