Debonair Toddlers...Kids' Bow-Ties

Since we launched our Business, we were constantly being asked about a kid’s line. We always knew we wanted to do it but never got around to setting a date. Then one day while getting our son ready for church, he donned a bow-tie and suddenly Dad wasn't the best dressed guy in the room...we knew we had to do it! Before we even began the design process, we set the premise that our designs will be different, they’ll stand out, they’ll be memorable and fun. With these bow-ties we guarantee classy family portraits, picture perfect birthday pics and debonair toddlers.

Before we get to the ties, just in case this is the first time you’re hearing about Ocean Boulevard, here’s little bit about who we are…

Located in Ontario, Canada, with virtual operations, Ocean Boulevard offers bundled accessories with an assortment of affordable ties, pocket squares, lapel pins, laces and tie bars in a variety of colors, textures, patterns and styles. It’s a family owned and operated business. We are Vaughn & Sherisse, Husband and wife, Daddy and Mommy, co-owners & operators of Ocean Boulevard, and we are excited about our introductory line of kids bow-ties that we know you'll absolutely love. We both hail from the tropical paradise known as Jamaica and now reside in Ontario, Canada with our biggest blessing - our 2 ½ year old son Justin; the inspiration behind this campaign. 

We both believe in education, and thanks to good family support system we both obtained our Bachelors’ and Masters’ Degrees in Business Administration (we think this qualifies to run a business…right?). We’ve learnt a lot from our corporate lives; Vaughn working in the field of Procurement and Sherisse in Finance, we both bring something to the table.

Ocean Boulevard has been in operation for just over two years and we have seen growth thanks to some loyal customers and the constant encouragement of friends and family. In addition to catering to adults, we think now is the opportune time to introduce a highly requested product…kids’ ties. To start, we’d like to launch our line of kids’ bow-ties. Although we anticipate this will be a successful venture, we want to be careful with our approach and as such we’re offering these bow-ties on a pre-order basis.


Pre-Order Campaign

Each bow-tie will be made available for pre-order from May 27, 2018 through June 24, 2018 at a discounted early-bird rate. You can purchase the ties through six (6) different pre-order packages.


Regular Cost

Discounted Cost


One (1) Single Bow Tie

*$20.00 CAD + Shipping

$20 Free Shipping

Two (2) Bow Ties

*$40.00 CAD  + Shipping

$36 Free Shipping

Three (3) Bow Ties

*$60.00 CAD  + Shipping

$51 Free Shipping

Four (4) Bow Ties

*$80.00 CAD  + Shipping

$64 Free Shipping

Five (5) Bow Ties

*$100.00 CAD + Shipping

$75 Free Shipping

Six (6) Bow Ties

*$120.00 CAD  + Shipping

$80 Free Shipping

*Estimated Shipping costs (based on shipping from Canada to North America)


North America



Regular Shipping

7 - 12 Business Days

12 - 14 Business Days

12 - 14 Business Days


5 - 8 Business Days

8 - 10 Business Days

5 - 8 Business Days


Here's some info about our kid's bow-ties...

What age group are these bow-ties for?

Our kids' bow-ties will be able to fit kids ages 2-7 years old. The height and width of the bow-ties will be a standard size but the straps will be fully adjustable to ensure the perfect fit.

Which fabric will be used to make these bow-ties?

Our kids' bow-ties will be made from a polyester blend (silk-like). They will be durable and soft to the touch, strong enough to handle stains but soft enough to safely brush against your little one's skin. 

What are the dimensions of the bow-ties?

Our kids' bow-ties will be offered in two styles:

  1. The Butterfly (Known as the Standard or Thistle)
  2. The Diamond Tip


 Risks & Challenges

Rest assured we took the time to map the entire process from creation to delivery, and we can safely say; we don't anticipate anything that will hinder the delivery of your orders.



Our first collection of bow-ties have already been designed, samples have been made, inspections were done to ensure they were made in accordance with our requirements and specifications. With that said, there will be no delay due to design and pre-production woes...we are ready to hit production line!

We have a longstanding relationship with our manufacturer who has mass produced our neck ties and accessories currently on our website ( The estimated time for production through delivery is approximately 25 days. We don't anticipate any issues, as our manufacturer has the human capacity and the equipment to guarantee the on time delivery of the bow-ties.

Delivery of Goods
Our goods are shipped via an express services such as FedEX or DHL, which guarantees goods will be shipped directly to our doors. To date, we have been satisfied with each shipment as goods are packed and handled with care.

Delivery of Bow-Ties
We promise to ship pre-order(s) within 5 business days of receiving the shipment. If for some reason we can't, an update will be provided with a reason along with a new date for shipping.

Our Promise
We understand that things do go wrong, and as much as we have done our best to mitigate against the risk of something going wrong, there is the possibility of a delay at any point in the process. In the event of such an occurrence we pledge to be honest and transparent, and provide timely updates and realistic solutions.