Pelle Dolce | Eau de Parfum 50ml

por Ocean Boulevard

$85.00 CAD

Size: 1.7 oz / 50 ml

Gift Bag: Perfect gifting option for that special person. Premium quality 100mm x 100mm x 250mm.

About the Fragrance: Pelle Dolce is a perfectly curated fragrance that accentuates the essence of sweet leather, the smell of an open field with a zest of ocean freshness: a scent that radiates sensuality.

Key Notes: Musk, Amber | Floral, Woodsy | Fruity, Marine

Ingredients: Parfum (Fragrance), Ambergris, Di-Propylene Glycol (DPG), Perfumery Alcohol (SDA 40B), Aqua (Water).

How To Use: On clean skin, spray fragrance once or twice on desired areas.
Once applied, avoid rubbing or dabbing skin, as this will cause the fragrance to break down and fade faster.

Tip: Spray on skin immediately after showering. Use an unscented lotion. Spray on pulse points such as your wrists, inner elbows and neck. Also, spray some on the back of your neck to create a scented trail as you walk by.